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La Plaine, A Sanctuary for Biodiversity

The Largest Green Space In Ixelles

This website has been made with the purpose of protecting the green spaces of "la Plaine" and preventing their destruction. 


     "La Plaine" is the name of the campus of two universities : the VUB and the ULB. It is located in the administrative district of Ixelles, in the town of Brussels in Belgium. Actually the official name is "La Plaine des manoeuvres" which literally means "Drill Plain", because soldiers used to be drilled there. But presently everyone talks about it as "Campus de la Plaine".


     "La Plaine" is the largest green area in Ixelles but real estate developers are planning to destroy it to build apartments, shops and underground parkings.


     The green spaces of "La Plaine" cover  more than 10 ha and shelter an unsuspected biodiversity. Some parts are open areas with grass while most parts are covered with trees forming small woods. Many mammals  and birds live in the area along with protected plant species. The presence of some species is the main arguments that we have for protecting these green areas.


     Please help us saving this wonderful piece of Nature in the heart of Brussels by passing the information around you and contact the district of Ixelles by phone or by mail and tell them that you don't agree with this destruction. You can also sign the petition. Thanks for your support!

Map of the "Plaine", google maps 2010
Map of the "Plaine", google maps 2010